Monkeydriver formula
Monkeydriver Formula

The Monkeydriver Seat has been designed by an iRacing PRO driver who leaves no room for compromise: it’s inspired by performance.

7 Years In driving seat production Made Possible To Create A Custom solution To Provide The Most Comfortable Seat For Endurance Racing.

The unique design completes the job to obtain a piece of art to proudly show in your home.

Monkeydriver Formula and GT comparison

An Incredible Engineering Work To Allow You To Quickly Change From Formula To GT And All In Between.

You can Set The Driving Position to perfectly replicate the sitting position For Each car and Reach an Extreme Level Of Immersion.

Whether you use VR or traditional screen, you can easily obtain the best match between real and digital world

Monkeydriver Formula and GT comparison
Postazione simracing monkeydriver chiusa

The race is over! Close The Seat And Save Your Living Space.

After each session, In The Time Of A Pit-Stop, you can fold your seat to free your space and protect your simarcing hardware.

monkeydriver telaio

The front frame is what makes the magic possible. It’s an innovative piece of engineering that smells of motorport.

This frame is made of big diameter Carbon Steel Tube and Is Designed To Accommodate The Most Demanding Hardware Like Directdrive Wheels And High-End Pedals (more than 150kg brake force with no bending/flection).

Monkeydriver with monitor support

The driving seat follows a modular approach and allows you to add accessories when needed.

The list of accessories will be constantly updated and each upgrade will be always compatible and ready to install.

monkeydriver supporto trimonitor

Soon available for pre-order. Special price for launch for a limited number of seats.

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