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This is the famous Monkeydriver Seat, no presentation needed

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A piece of art to show in your house

An elegant and attractive design combined with an incredible engineering work to allow you to quickly change from Formula to GT and all in between

Set the perfect driving position for each situation to reach extreme level of immersion

7 years of experience in this field made possible to create a custom seat to provide the best comfort for endurance racing.

The Leather Cushion That Wraps both sides of the seat is filled with an Internal Padding Made Of Shaped Polyurethane Foam And sustained by The Internal Aluminum Frame. This structure ensures comfort even after many hours of use.

The Aesthetic Impact Is Remarkable. The Back View Shows Leather Finish Along The Whole Length Of The Backrest.

The carbon steel tube frame is designed to accommodate the most demanding hardware like directdrive wheel and high-end pedals

At the end of the race, you can close the seat in the time of a pit-stop and save your living space


  • Fast conversion between Formula and Gt and all in between
  • Carbon steel tube frame for no compromise in terms of rigidity
  • Custom seat engineered to provide the most comfortable experience for endurance racing
  • Modular frame upgradable with accessories
  • Foldable seat
  • Premium cushion covered by black leather with double stitching in white
  • Wheel plate adjustable in height, distance and angle
  • Pedal plate adjustable in height, distance and angle
  • 100% Italian made and designed

Product dimension:

  • Lenght (Formula driving position with pedals extended): 170cm
  • Lenght when folded: 115cm measured at the base (longest point) 
  • Width (no accessories intalled): 52cm
  • Max width (Shifter and keyboard installed): 100cm

Ready to install:

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